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Over the past several years, industry and government have turned to strategic planning techniques called “road mapping”, to help understand and evaluate future energy management practices and technologies. In particular, “technology roadmaps” have been developed for a number of non-conventional energy technologies. These roadmaps identify technology trends, barriers to market entry, and technology and policy approaches for overcoming these barriers. Technology roadmaps represent an effective way to explore future technologies and to build relationships among important stakeholders who can move such technologies forward.

Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi

Of late there has been a flurry of activities in the use of technology roadmaps in the energy field. In particular, roadmaps have emerged that explore the future of sustainable energy technologies. Although there is no hard and fast definition of sustainability and technologies, one could modify the standard definition of sustainability and suggest that sustainability energy technologies allow us to “meet today’s energy needs without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their energy needs.”

Arguably, the most important paradigm shift of energy consumption would entail identification of strategies to overcome technical and market barriers.

Technological breakthroughs will allow the cost of energy to be more competitive than conventional energy sources. However, in order to maintain the momentum it is equally necessary to overcome consumer unfamiliarity with alternative energy resources. Besides, public policies and government initiatives it is this area where the non-government agencies can play a vital role.

The carbon intensity of the economy can be reduced only through a dual pronged strategy which includes a top down approach facilitated by public policies and a grass root level approach to reduce the carbon footprint on individual levels and also by making small sustainable energy generation units to mitigate the impact of system generated carbon footprints related to the energy consumption from conventional resources.

Energy initiatives and Social issues have been addressed separately. However, a hybrid approach is essential to bring an Renewable Energy Revolution to increase acceptance. Therefore, addressal of social issues with REN platforms are required.

A sustainable energy initiative would pave way for sustainable health, development and poverty alleviation. And to arrive at this stage an innovative education system in an eco-friendly environment should be seeded that runs on renewable energy and ed-tech smart system. Knowledge imparted without practical usage is not sustainable. Therefore, AIF will address various objectives outlined below with a focus on involving renewable energy platforms, as applicable. 

About Ahead India Foundation

AIF was conceptualized five decades back but formally institutionalized on 14 th January 2009 by a group of like-minded professionals having the vision to fulfill the needs of society in an innovative and effective way. The idea of having an NGO was primarily to assist the gaps in areas of health, education and other development areas.

Hence, the name AHEAD was coined which stands for Association for Health, Education and Development. The vision is to Think different, be different, do different.

The objectives decided were:

  • Education, Employability and Livelihoods Enhancement
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Eradication Hunger, Poverty, Malnutrition
  • Preventive Healthcare, Water and Sanitation
  • Gender, Equality and Women Empowerment, Senior Citizens Care
  • Heritage conservation, Promoting Art, Craft and Culture, Public Libraries
  • Promoting national and rural sports, Paralympic, Olympic sports
  • Rural Development
  • Diabetes Camps and support
  • Child Cancer Camps and support
  • Organic farming
  • Renewable Energy initiatives e.g. Solar Energy
  • Clean India, Green India initiatives
  • Skill development in rural areas

The Beginning

AHEAD India Foundation or in short AIF’s journey began in 1976, when Dr. Gopal Tripathi and Pt. Vachaspati Pathak discussed the importance of modern education and seeding scientific technologies amongst the child from early stage. Later Shri Prem Chandra Tripathi & Smt. Mala Tripathi started doing social work in areas around Varanasi and Prayagraj. Gradually, their effort started to bring smiles on the faces of few families who got benefitted regarding education of their children. This was continued with their own saving. With the passage of time, it was realized that such small efforts ought to be institutionalized and registered. Subsequently, Dr. D.N. Tewari encouraged to institutionalize and Standardize the social work. In view of this, husband-wife duo of the next generation, Dr. A. Tripathis’ decided to register and got 80G income tax exemption as well, so that the individuals/institutions/organizations supporting this social cause also get benefitted for their contribution. The name AHEAD has been coined is an abbriviation of Association of Health, Education and Development. This encompasses all-round approach that finally relates to the development of the people. Since, people make a country, hence, the name was finalized as AHEAD India Foundation. In the process, AIF facilitated the formation of a sustainable low-cost education institution with focus on girl child and scientific approach that can be seeded in the early stages of personality development and has been a local force since several decades. Several professionals viz; Dr. Pradeep Dubey and Dr. Archana, Shri Kamlendu Shukla and Smt. Alpana, Dr. Divyanshu, Ms. Surabhi etc., have contributed by participating in mass awareness programmes and health melas.

Vision & Mission

Vision :

AHEAD India Foundation envisions a society that flourishes on the values of gender justice for girl child, in practice, and scientific approach in our lives resulting in a robust society. The motto is to Think different, be different, do different.

Mission :

To initiate sustainable gender equality for girl child, and inculcating scientific approach; through a process of inclusion, building conscientiousness, and organising around their major issues.

Approach & Strategies

Right from the beginning the approach and strategy was to to keep simple & Focused.


To provide poor girl child with educational opportunities and to seed scientific temperament and innovation from the early stage.


To achieve the above laid down approach, the strategy is to initiate educational institutions, primarily for girl child and make available various scientific knowledge so that science becomes the life approach.


AHEAD India Foundation has been focusing several villages in an around Prayagraj district. These accumulate to around 52+ villages. Some of the names are: –
Shergarh, Muiddinpur, Tiyara, Makanpur, Ganja, Mainpur, Asrawal, Khedua, Dahi, Lakhanpur, Tarapur, Pansara, Katahula, Phoolwa, Silna, Bhiti, Pipalgaon, Shahpur, Kalindipur, Rajrooppur, Jhalwa, Dussa, Bisauna, Mainapur, Kulmui, Benipur, Sodia, Gadwan, Sehra, Kanchanwa, Pawri, Pakkipur, Dhartara, Babupur, Antatri, Arai, Bakrawan, Bagera, Barhara, Chintapur, Iradatganj, Gopipur, Harro, Lonipur, Rampati, Sunderpur, Umapur, Ramapur, Sanour, Rera, Parsara, Pachkara etc. A graphical presentation indicates the incremental increase in our outreach over a decade: –

Our Activities

AHEAD India Foundation is an NGO and a non-government organization has very limited resources, unless associated or offshoot of a big industrial house. In order to supplement it operations, with our internal resources and external experts, we engage in other activities viz;

o Education

A small but spacious school in the AHEAD India Foundation campus runs to benefit girl child from low economic strata was opened to impart education with scientific approach and modern amenities. It follows CBSE curriculum. It has a full-fledged computer lab, smart classes for junior classes, extra-curricular activities hub, horticulture & plantation site, library, transport facility, playground, subsidized fee system, matured online education, classical music classes, special Sanskrit education system. However, the infrastructure needs constant upgradation.
The detail of education activities has been covered in the main navigation icon.


o Solar Energy Installations

Hardware, Software and EPC support by initiating, developing, constructing and operating clean electricity production projects from renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind. This initiative was taken primarily to take forward various initiatives of the government in a small way with the help of professionals and expert who are willing to work as a contribution to the society.


o Technology Sharing & Consultancy

Topics such as Solar Energy, EV Technology, Financial Modelling, Process Technology, Market Research, Organic Farming, Green Technology, Bio-gas in rural areas, Plantation techniques, Hydrophobic farming, Landscaping, Global Sourcing, Management Strategy, Robotics & Automation, CKD Plant Modelling etc. This initiative was taken to utilize the pool of professional and experts associated with the foundation who are willing to share their expertise for the benefit of other such organizations and also to generate some revenue for the operation of the foundation.


o Organic Farming

To support the volunteers engaged in social activities for AHEAD India Foundation, organic farming is done on the land. New projects related to hydrophobic farming, dairy and nursery is also being planned to enhance the support. This initiative was taken to utilize the volunteers in away so that their work provides much needed food to the poor and also the volunteers engaged in the social work for the foundation.


Any revenue or proceeds from the above operations are utilized for enhancing the outreach of the NGO and enhancement of facilities for the education and creating avenues for the poor section of the society in the areas where the foundation is actively involved.

Looking ahead

As AHEAD India Foundation relies on a four pillar philosophies and strategies to move forward –
(1) Deepening existing efforts & ramping up
(2) Acknowledge innovation, experimentation and learning as extremely relevant.
(3) Gender equality, in its original meaning, will remain its steady force.
(4) Education and Scientific Approach to remain as the bottomline of all its efforts.

As Dr. Abdul Kalam has said, “Creativity is the key to success in the future and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level and Science is a beautiful gift to humanity”. This gives voice to AIF’s interests and aspirations for the future.

Support Us

AHEAD India Foundation’s team & network of 5000 volunteers from the rural area & leaders is outreaching 190 villages across several districts of Uttar Pradesh.

We are striving to:

  • Expand educational establishment.
  • Spread large scale awareness.
  • Support in IT related knowledge to the kids.
  • Support the pressurized local administration.
  • Build scientific farming techniques.
  • Install a complete renewable energy based system.
  • Establishment waste management systems and let the kids understand it.
  • Convert the existing fleet of transport system to a zero emission systems.
  • Mass awareness programmers on various issues viz; Energy
  • Management, Education, Farming, Waste Mgmt., Health and Cleanliness issues.

However, all these objectives requires financial support. All such support is exempted as per 80G certification. The account details are:
Bank Name: Union Bank
IFSC Code: UBIN0553085
Account No.: 530802010010812

80 G Details of AHEAD India Foundation

Sl. No.
Name of the NGO
AHEAD India Foundation
Registered under
Societies Registration Act (No. XXI 1860)
Registration Number
80 G Certificate issued on
2 Feb 2011
80 G Certificate No.:
58-59/118/12AA & 80G (5)(vi)
Bank Name
Union Bank
Bank IFSC Code
Account No.

Our Mentors / Founders / Management Committee / Members / Advisors / Patrons

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