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Fortunately, AHEAD India Foundation has been blessed by numerous books, articles and other publications by its mentors, founders, members, advisors and patrons. A sneak peek of publications –

Prof. Dr. Gopal Tripathi, Mentor

Various News Letters published by IIT – BHU and MIT (USA) and Numerous Articles on Metallurgy and Chemical Engineering and Research Publications in Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research.

Revisiting a visionary : Prof. Copal Tripathi

Prof. Copal Tripathi, a visionary with extraordinary contributions in the field of Chemical engineering, was born and raised in Deoria district of Uttar Pradesh, where he received his preliminary education. Although he came from on ordinary family, he had extraordinary acumen, reflected in his subsequent   academic excellence. He completed his graduation, majoring in Chemistry, and his post-graduation in Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University. He always had an interest in pursuing research, and became on assistant lecturer in the Deportment of Si licote Technology of the College of Technology, BHU. In light of his exceptional talent, he was offered a Tata fellowship for higher studies in the US, wherein, he pursued his M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from MIT and later on completed his M.S. and PhD in Chemical Engineering. World renowned individuals such as Prof. G. G. Brown, Prof. Lewis, Prof. D. L. Katz and other senior chemical engineers were among his teachers. He shared classes with 1. J. Mcketta, editor of Encyclopaedia of Chemical Processing & Design and, consequently, became a member of the editorial board of this multi-volume set.

Prof. Gopal Tripathi was a voracious reader of technical journals and books and possessed a fantastic memory. His  batch mates used to refer him as a walking dictionary and seek his help in understanding mathematical concepts. His research in US was in the area of Thermodynamics (PVT Relations of Hydrocarbon Gases – an area driven by WWII needs) under the supervision of Prof. G.G. Brown. He returned to India in the year 1949, on the request of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya. Back in BHU, he became the Principal of College of Technology and founder-head of the Department of Chemical Engineering (founded in the year 1956), and initiated research in the areas of Vapor-liquid Equilibria, Fluidization Engineering, Non-Newtonian Fluids, Catalytic Cracking of Reduced Crude, etc.

He had special interest in the fields of Fluid Mechanics, Transport Phenomenon, Thermodynamics, Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refinery Engineering. All of these are core Chemical Engineering subjects. The first PhD awarded in Fluidization in Indio was mentored under him. In those days, without computers and calculators, he developed and inspired an interest in experimental research.

Prof. Gopal Tripathi was instrumental in spreading Chemical Engineering education across the country – University of Roorkee (now IIT Roorkee), Department of Chemical Engineering, Punjab University – Chandigarh, HBTI Kanpur were all mentored by him. With his exemplar display of perseverance and leadership traits, he played a key role in the creation of Institute of Technology – IT BHU (now Indian Institute of Technology – IIT(BHU), Varanasi), after the unification of all three technical institutes in BHU (BENCO, MINMET, TECHNO), and its inclusion into the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) system for admission to undergraduate courses. He also held several posts – Director of Planning & Co- ordination BHU, Chairman of Soda Ash Commission and also the leader of Indian Delegation to China. later, he went on to become the Vice-Chancellor of Lucknow University.

Prof.Tripathi supervised several modifications for the betterment of the institute  research facilities were upgraded, new and advanced technology were installed in the laboratories. The degree of MSc given to chemical engineers was aggrandized to M.Tech and several small as well as consequential changes were made, which enriched the technical institute of BHU and prepared it to be counted among the top institutes of India.

Prof. Gopal Tripathi was an amiable individual and a cam passionate teacher. His students still assert the unombiguity and frankness they had in interactions with him. His teaching skills were unparalleled and so were his incredible  contributions to the field of Chemical Engineering.

“Prof.Tripathi was punctual, outspoken and humble hearted. Whenever he saw a class full of students with the professor late or absent, he would go in and teach that subject without even referring to a book – such was his competence in the subject”, recalls Prof. S.N. Upadhay, a Raja Ra manna awardee.

This legendary person, with his flamboyant demeanour, won many hearts. He is a role model not only for Chemical Engineering aspirants, but for everyone who seeks to scale new heights of success. His legacy lives on in the Deportment through the Gopol Tripathy Auditorium, used regularly for different programmes, and the establishment of a Prof. Gopol Tripathi Memorial Choir Project in 2014.

Reference – IIT BHU Newsletter Vol II Issue_2_2017

Pt. Vachaspati Pathak, Mentor

Pt. Vachaspati Pathak was born in Varanasi in 1905. In the pre-independence era, Premchand, Rai Krishna Das and Jai Shanker Prasad were famous. Along with these the trinity of Bechan Sharma Ugra, Vinod Shanker Vyas and Pt. Vachaspati Pathak were also popular. Pt. Vachaspati Pathak’s novels “Kagaj Ki Topi”, “Dwadashi” and “Pradeep” established him in the frontline of Hindi literati.

Pt. Vachaspati Pathak established himself as the fighter of Hindi Literature Movement. He was not only a novelist, prominent story writer but also an eminent editor. He was fond of art and collected many artifacts. He had edited almost all the literary work related to “Chayavaad”. In 1936 he edited “Ekkis Kahaniya” In 1952, he wrote “Naye Ekaki Sangraha”. His books “Dwadashi and Pradeep also got published. All the literary works of Jai Shanker Prasad, Suryakant Tripathi Nirala, Sumitranandan Pant and Mahadevi Verma were edited & published by Pathak ji. Post-independence when “All India Hindi Publishers Forum” was formed, Pathak ji was nominated as its convenor and President.

Jaishankar Prasad tradition was furthered by Rai Krishna Das, Pt. Vachaspati Pathak, Phadishwar Nath Redu, Chatursen Shastri, Bechan Sharma Ugra, Amrit Lal Nagar, Kamalkant Verma, Yamuna Prasad and others. Pt. Vachaspati Hindi works have been in the University syllabus at several universities. Pt. Vachaspati Pathak works have been particularly characterized by portrayal of human emotion. Some of his representative works are “Surdas”, “Kalpana”, Kagaj Ki Topi”, Pheriwala.

Reference – Bharat Discovery_Bharat Kosh_Hindi Sahitya

Our Other Publications

Shri Prem Chandra Tripathi, Founder Chairman

1) Total Quality Management
2) Handbook of Maintenance
3) Organizational Behavior: German & Indian organizations
4) Mechanical Engineering Handbook

Dr. Dina Nath Tiwari, Hon. Vice President

1) Forests and People
2) Cyanobacteria from Basic Science to Applications (with A.K. Mishra & A.N. Rai)
3) Paryavaran – Satat Vikas avam Jeevan
4) Forest for Sustainability


Dr. Arti Tripathi, Director


1) Aconitum heterophyllum
2) Aegle marmelos
3) Aloe vera
4) Andrographis paniculata
5) Asparagus racemosus
6) Azadirachta indica
7) Bocapa monnieri
8) Berberis aristata DC
9) Cassia angustifolia

10) Catharanthus roseus
11) Centella asiatica
12) Commiphora wightii (ARN)
13) Holarrhena antidysenterica
14) Nardostachys jatamansi
15) Ocimum sanctum
16) Phyllanthus amarus
17) Phylanthus embilica

Dr. Ashutosh Tripathi, President


1) Economics: A Business Management Approach
2) Vedic Mathematics
3) Vedas Demystified
4) Robotics Simplified
5) Renewable Energy: A Sustainable Solution
6) Physics Vol I

7) Physics Vol II
8) The Evolution of Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles
9) An Introduction to EV Architecture
10) Strategic Management
11) DNA of Successful Organizations
12) Articles on Journals, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Our Projects

  • Health Awareness program in Rural areas.
  • Plantation program in Urban areas.
  • Solar Energy Awareness program during Magha mela.
  • Computer literacy training program in rural area/poor families.
  • Swachh India, Green India program at various schools.
  • Clean Ganga awareness programs at Sangam area.
  • Distribution of medicines to economically weaker section.
  • Organizing health mela in rural areas and distribution of mask, sanitizers during epidemic.
  • Organizing Renewable Energy awareness program and energy conservation program in rural area with knowledge of solar cells installation.
  • Organizing awareness program practical classes to increase interest towards Nakshatra plantations.
  • Awareness program on making organic bio-manure with domestic waste.
  • Awareness programs along with Covid warriors.
  • Arranging old/defective desktops and getting them repaired and distribution to few selected bright students from poor families.

Our Upcoming Projects


Solar Panel

Installation of Solar Panels, Invertor, Battery etc, for electricity generation for the school being run for poor girl education.

Transport Vehicles

Procurement of 6 CNG buses for the school.

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Hydroponic Farming

Introduction of Hydroponic Farming on the
school ground.


Bio-degradable compost lab

Procurement of bio-degradable waste
composting machine.


Mobile dispensary

Procurement of mobile dispensary for rural
areas equipped with solar generator & battery.


Computer Lab

Modernization of Computer Lab for the school and bright children belonging to poor economic strata. Target 50 computers/CPU/LAN.


Science (Phy, Chem, Bio) Lab

Preparing a modern science lab.


Football, Badminton, Tennis, Race Track

Goal-post, Net, Rackets, Other accessories.


Smart Classes & Music Instruments

Procurement of classical music instrument / smart class equipment for the school.



Procurement of almirah, lighting system, furniture for making a school library.


Educational Toys & Laptop toys

Procurement of educational toys & laptop toys for the nursery classes.

Protective mask and a hand sanitizer

Masks / Sanitizer / Classes with Social Distancing

Procurement of masks, sanitizers, arranging classes following social distancing norms with transparent separators for students.


Solar outdoor lights

Procurement of solar outdoor lights.


Herbal and Jetropha Plantation

Plantation and procurement of plants.


Rural Skill Development

Development of Rural skills


LANDMARK near School
Prayagraj Airport
IIIT – Allahabad
United Medicity

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